“God Send” il nuovo singolo/video di: Awa Fall x Alpha Steppa –


L’etichetta Steppas Records ha pubblicato il 25 novembre 2022 “God Send” una nuova release di Awa Fall & Alpha Steppa.

A pochi giorni dall’uscita del singolo “Waters of Babylon”, ora Alpha Steppa e Awa Fall tornano insieme con un’altra collaborazione, “God Send” è il nuovo singolo dell’artista italo/senegalese, scritto, prodotto e mixato da Alpha Steppa, testi di Piero Ali Passatore.

Nel dicembre dello scorso anno era uscita una versione acustica dello stesso brano, ad accompagnare Awa Fall alle chitarre cerano, Antonio Heggy Vezzano e Luca Lux Marchesin.

Tutti è due brani sono usciti con i rispettivi Videoclip, usciti su YouTube, realizzati da Piero Ali Passatore.

Entrambe i due singoli faranno parte dell’attesissimo prossimo album di Awa Fall e Alpha Steppa, che uscirà nei prossimi mesi.

(Sevejah / Servizio Stampa RitmoInLevare)

Awa Fall x Alpha Steppa – God Send

Awa Fall x Alpha Steppa – God Send (Acoustic version)

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I try not to use too many clichés in my essays.
But the truth will set you all free in the best way,
Feelings matter, cause real stress kills,
Mind over matter, who gonna pay the bills?
They work so hard to make us think – all this is real.
First they hide facts and try to twist the original deals.
My name is Awa Fall and I’m here to bless you all.
And if you don’t know me, now you will.
When gifted with a blessing or a curse
Harness the wind for better or for worse
So please help us make good use of our free will
So when we are faced with real adversity we seal the deal
When they treat fugees so poorly,
It’s always by design,
Show them the door when they ask for more,
It’s still the unkind that lead the blind
C’mon people, are you with me?
If so stand up and form a line
When all logic is raped so clearly,
You must sprint fast towards the light.
No running water, no electricity nor plumbin’,
What’s going on? This a system is a dyin’….
Decadence everywhere, and the politicians neva stopped lyin’.
Constantly changin’ countries to continue survivin’
Da governments do less than Akon, we’re outta luck
No one cares about stories of humanity just big bucks,
Candle vigils mournin’ those that fooled you into ‘sanity’
I’d rather live to the fullest like a Queen, naw mean?
And I’d rather be able to look up and ponder the stars
A few times before they run out and pillage even mars.
Society is made up from the sum of all of us,
I know in my heart that all who oppose ain’t totally nuts.


Voce: Awa Fall
Testi: Piero Ali Passatore
Scritto, prodotto, masterizzato e mixato da: Alpha Steppa
Regia e film di: Piero Ali Passatore
Produzione video di Murdaca Films
Girato al: 1901 Studio
Conduttore televisivo – Piero Alì Passatore / Coriste – Charety Elhadji, Elizangela Torricelli / Batteria, basso, pianoforte – Alpha Steppa
Un ringraziamento speciale a Francesco James Dini (FJD)


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