“Just One” il nuovo singolo/video dei: Quartiere Coffee ft. Mellow Mood


“Just One” è il nuovo singolo dell’affermata band maremmana Quartiere Coffee in featuring con le star del reggae internazionale Mellow Mood.

Un viaggio all’interno delle sonorità roots originali, il brano è prodotto da Princevibe. Dopo i primi due singoli dalla riunione arriva la prima collaborazione del collettivo toscano, fuori ovunque dal 25 Marzo

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Me walk another day on this road.
Today there’s you as always watch my shoulders, your presence affi my medication, me just need a little concentration.
Some say ” I know what you should know” I’ll look on the place where you’ll go, this is just affairs of the heart! Hear me now…what I say!

Pass me just one more one more One
Another one
Pass me just one more one more One
(Pass me just one more spliff)

Another stop inna my day
Keep di devil n my ghost away
Orange juice & tanqueray straight
No time to wait fi God or pray.
My gun fully loaded, no delay
informers that chat must pay
First name pon mi list inna grave
Touch di road before di end of di day

The day a come, the road is taught and rough but I will rolling like stone, the tree inna my yard is growing under the sun, no chemical fertiliser just a little true love…
Now I can say OK…Her name is Mary Jane

Pass me just one more one more One
Anther one
Pass me just one more one more One
(Pass me just one more spliff)

It have been a ruff ruff couple a years
Man need fi chill
One extra puff of that tuff strain mi blaze away today
Nuh badda come with no talk im rolling on the freeway
Chalice a bubble inna the yard till dawn like Janine seh
Mi up on the moon
High like a balloon
Not coming down anytime soon
Babylon immune
Lockdown till June
Cyaan even cough on a ganja tune
See whole heap a informer
Bun dem fyah hot like sauna
Been a seh dis in 2014
When we informer tune mash up the scene

Twin yuh know yuh bredda nuh smoke it me rather steam it
Still me know disya plant have no limit
Gimmi gimmi full benefits in a minute
See di drugs deh and di trash can
Throw dem all in it, yeah me mean it
Holy plant ah holy plant
Kg Man keep up we chant

Pass me just one more one more One
Anther one
Pass me just one more one more One
(Pass me just one more spliff)


Testi: Filippo Fratangeli, Tommaso Bai, Jacopo e Lorenzo Garzia
Musiche: Filippo Fratangeli, Tommaso Bai, Filippo Scandroglio, Matteo Varricchio
Arrangiato e suonato: Quartiere Coffee
Registrato: Alessandro Benedettelli al Sideb Studio
Mixato e masterizzato: Ciro Princevibe Pisanelli
Produzione: Quartiere Coffee & Ciro Princevibe Pisanelli
Pubblicato da Impresa 8
Riprese video, regia e montaggio: Lorenzo Biadi
Servizio fotografico Cadenzadinganno

Si ringraziano: Elisabetta Cimino, Camilla Pieretto


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