“Walk On The Sidewalk” il nuovo singolo e video di: Awa Fall & Alpha Steppa


L’etichetta Steppas Records ha pubblicato il 30 ottobre 2020 “Walk On The Sidewalk” la nuova release di Awa Fall & Alpha Steppa.

Alpha Steppa e Awa Fall tornano insieme con un’altra collaborazione, “Walk On The Sidewalk” è il nuovo singolo di Awa Fall, prodotto e mixato da Alpha Steppa, una moderna roots riddim con un messaggio senza tempo ma attuale da parte di Awa. Sul Lato B possiamo trovare “Dub On The Sidewalk” il mix vocale originale remixato in un dub pesante da Alpha Steppa.

Parte della serie Steppas Black & Gold 7″ dubplate, numerate e tagliate a mano, una ad una con taglio a diamante, disponibili su www.steppas.com sono in collaborazione con onetreeplanted.org che pianteranno un albero per ogni disco venduto.

A completare l’opera ci sarà un Videoclip musicale ufficiale, uscito su YouTube, realizzato da Simone Montanari e Cynthia Bitar.


1. Walk On The Sidewalk
2. Dub On The Sidewalk

DIGITAL STORE: (Bandcamp) /// (Spotify)


Walk on the sidewalk
Look on the ground, the road is narrow
Play well in the next round

My personality has changed
Since I found the way
To be exuberant and free
To be brave
I sang and prayed and still, I do
And none a dem will make me feel blue
I know my flaws and I know my value
Social break down! Is there anything we can do?
Stereotypical beauty to them showing body is duty
But girl we must refuse it
It’s sad to see dem abusing

Listen to these directions
Which are a sort of protection
This way leads me to the perfection
Of an immaterial dimension
Now I’m no longer shy
I express things i’ve got in my mind
I’ve learned to observe and teach
I’ve learned to do what I preach
Out of all their schemes
Proud of the nuance of my skin
This is the real me
And so this is my speech

My personality may have changed
Yet I remain the same
I’m jubilant and free
As a wave
Aren’t you afraid to be lost and found
In the wilderness on unfamiliar ground
I haven’t fear whether far or near
I know that i’m always with me
And it’s so clear
Tell them to speak with the lioness
As she hunts down her prey
Tell them to seek truth and confess


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